9TURBO MT4-Sensor

Magnetic field RPM sensor & Temperature sensor for Sanwa MT4.
Support for Sanwa MT4 Telemetry system.

HOW TO use it with RC Gasoline engine.

9TURBO MT4-Sensor-12i Set included ...
1 pcs. Magnetic field RPM sensor wire length 12 inch.
1 pcs. Temperature sensor wire length 12 inch.

the key is ... fan of engine have 2 magnet pieces N and S pole in rotation.
it seem as rotor of brushless motor that have N and S magnet pole in rotation.
So magnetic field sensor can detect and send out true measure value to telemetry system.

HOW TO use 9TURBO MT4 Magnetic field RPM sensor with RC Gasoline engine.

9TURBO MT4-Sensor set price $17 USD included ... Magnetic field RPM sensor and Temperature sensor.

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9TURBO MT4-Sensor designed/production by Mr. Smith Vorapatratorn