EL Backlight & Vibrator for Sanwa MT4

for installation manual .... [Click Here]

Control Unit use high quality components & PCB.
EL backlight ON/OFF & Vibrator ON/OFF controlled by micro chip.

EL backlight auto ON when TX botton used, then auto OFF when none TX botton used in 8 second.

Vibrator can set to enable or disable by setting at TX menu.
when vibrator is enable. it will vibration syncronized with long-beep sound only. it don't vibration for short-beep(click) sound.
So, it work great for Timer alarm or Temperature alarm.

Kit design for easy installation.

for enable/disable VIBRATOR, goto SYSTEM -> BUZZER
set TONE = 1 VIBRATOR Enable
set TONE = 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 VIBRATOR Disable

Demostration video of 9TURBO MT4-EL
EL backlight(auto) & Vibrator(set enable/disable)

9TURBO MT4-EL KIT price $43 USD included ... control unit + wire, EL backlight sheet and Vibrator.

PayPal accept, shipment by EMS International or Registered Air-mail, both have tracking number.
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before you decide to order. please read this installation manual with carefully [read manual click here]

9TURBO MT4-EL designed/production by Mr. Smith Vorapatratorn