EL Backlight & Vibrator for Sanwa MT4

for installation manual (Ver.2).... [Click Here]

Control Unit use high quality components & PCB.
EL backlight ON/OFF & Vibrator ON/OFF controlled by micro chip.

EL backlight auto ON when TX botton used, then auto OFF when none TX botton used in 15 second.

Vibrator can set to enable or disable by setting at TX menu.
when vibrator is enable. it will vibration syncronized with long-beep sound only. it don't vibration for short-beep(click) sound.
So, it work great for Timer alarm or Temperature alarm.

Kit design for easy installation.

for enable/disable VIBRATOR, goto SYSTEM -> BUZZER
set TONE = 1 VIBRATOR Enable
set TONE = 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 VIBRATOR Disable

*** The real light color is more blue than you see in this photo, The camera hard to take the real blue light source color.

Different of version 2
+ new control board with "blue" solder mask, the old is "red" solder mask.
+ EL backlight sheet, new light color is real-blue, old light color is aqua (green-blue).
+ Auto OFF backlight, increase from 8 second to 15 second.

9TURBO MT4-EL Ver.2 KIT price $43 USD included ... control unit + wire, EL backlight sheet and Vibrator.

PayPal accept, shipment by EMS International or Registered Air-mail, both have tracking number.
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before you decide to order. please read this installation manual with carefully [read manual click here]

9TURBO MT4-EL designed/production by Mr. Smith Vorapatratorn