Installation Manual

Please Note * * * Any modify on your transmitter, It will cause your transmitter to warranty void.
if you do follow this modification. it's your own risk for any damage.
i don't responsibility for this modification, it your own responsibility.

Remove Power PCB and Throttle trigger set for open the space to remove LCD panel.
no need to unplug on any plug. except battery plug that must unplug during modify process.

LCD housing have 4 point of locker.
for open/close LCD housing cover, you must do with these 4 point.

very carefully to remove reflextive film from bottom side of LCD. then gentle to remove adhesive sticker glue and cleaning bottom of LCD to clear view.

"Screen Cleaner" available at computer accessories store.
it very useful for LCD screen cleaning. i use this "Screen Cleaner" for cleaning my MT4 LCD to clear view.
Don't use "Thinner" or solution that can damage plastic skin. it can damage your MT4 LCD skin too.

WHITE side of this EL sheet is lightning side, when ON = light-blue backlight

EL backlight wiring. no need to modify LCD housing. it have a gap that suitable already.

Paste 9TURBO MT4-EL control unit with two side tape.
Paste Vibrator with two side tape, try to add space for vibrator operate.
cause of at the end of vibrator is movement part. that part must freely for movement.
i use clear tape paste on top of vibrator case too, for more stick of vibrator installation.
it good idea, if you will use glue from Glue-Gun for hold vibrator case.

9TURBO MT4-EL have 3 wire that you must solder to MT4 Power PCB.
Red, Black and Blue wire.

small gap of MT4 case are useful. So, use it for lock the wire on position.
beware the wire near vibrator, the wire must don't touch the movement part of vibrator.

at this point, modify process was completed.
you must move all original part to origin position .... good luck ... may the LIGHT be with you ...

9TURBO MT4-EL designed/production by Mr. Smith Vorapatratorn